Ultrasound – 4D Service

With a 4D ultrasound you have the ability to see your baby’s first smile, thumb sucking, wave and many other cute facial expressions inside of the womb. Study’s have shown that when a mother sees her baby in 4D the pregnancy becomes more real. We encourage expectant parents to bring love ones to experience the joy of seeing your baby in 4D. We feel that 4D ultrasounds provide a connection between parents and child that is beneficial for the entire family.

Our quality is in the 4D images, which has amazing clarity and resolution. Great images are a product of an experienced sonographer and a high quality ultrasound machine. We use GE Voluson 730 that produces the Best 4D images.

Baby Scan Price

Preparation For this examination: We recommend that 30-40 minutes prior to examination that a patient eat or drink something sweet. Recommended snacks: Fresh fruit or fruit juice. You DO NOT need a FULL bladder for this exam. If your doctor has recommended a special diet for you, never consume foods that you are instructed to avoid.



Name of Investigation Description Price
Localisation of pregnancy Scan done, when periods are missed for 1 month and above. This is an Transvaginal scan.At IRIS you will have a better and pain less scan done. 1000
First trimester of pregnancy At IRIS you can hear and see the pulsations of your baby when your Pregnancy is of less than 3 months or 12 weeks. 1000
NT scan IRIS has a high resolution machines which gives exact and quality result. This scan is done between 11-14 weeks of pregnancy to rule out chromosomal anomalies in baby 1400
Second trimester Second trimester This is done in 4th, 5th & 6th month of pregnancy to see the development in fetus. 800
Anomalies scan/TIFFA scan IRIS provides you 3D & 4D images which is very beautiful at sight. This scan is done after 20 weeks to check any identifiable abnormality in organ formation of fetus. 1400
Growth scan IRIS has facility which provides comparison For the assessment of growth of a different parts of baby in line with the expected standards for the age of the fetus 800
Pregnancy Doppler scan IRIS diagnostic provides a better quality of colour Doppler scan which is very clear to see the blood supply from the mother to baby via the placenta is assessed for efficiency and sufficiency. 1400


Name of Investigation Description Price
Ultrasound abdomen male & female. IRIS diagnostic provides you better quality scan with colour flow. This includes organs like Liver, Gall bladder, Spleen, kidney stones, Urinary tract and any major problem associated with. 800


Name of Investigation Description Price
Ultrasound pelvis IRIS provides better and pain less transvaginal scan with colour flow to diagnose the problem of uterus, ovaries and any other related to pelvic organs 1000
Infertility scan/follicular study IRIS offers a package of 4 sittings in one pay. 1400


Name of Investigation Description Price
Neck scan IRIS provides you better images and quality scan 1200
Thyroid scan IRIS images are good quality images, which explains you better. 1200
Chest scan A standard machine gives a standard report, which is available only at IRIS diagnostics 1200
Breast scan IRIS finds out the basic cause of problem through standard machines and advance technology. 1200
Arterial Doppler IRIS provides you colour full images indicating blood flow in arteries 1400
Venous Doppler IRIS provides you colour full images indicating blood flow in veins 1400
Carotid Doppler IRIS diagnose your cause of problem using advance technology 1400
Renal Doppler At IRIS it is simple to and easy to provide colour images for better diagnose. 1400

Digital X-Ray

Digital X-Ray

X-Rays are electro-magnetic radiations that are produced by special machines called X-ray machines. These cannot be seen, felt or heard.

Digital X-Rays are the cutting edge in advanced X-ray technology. We have advance Digital X-Ray machines that provide comprehensive examinations.Our Digital X-Ray is equipped to handle all types of X-Rays.

Digital X-Ray Examinations:

  • Barium Studies
  • Intravenuious Pyleography
  • Peripheral Angiograms
  • Trans-Hepatic Cholangiograms
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